St Peters Catholic Primary School

St Peters Catholic Primary School

Year 4 Autumn News 2019

We are reading:









Year 4 Class


Miss Bick welcomes Year 4

In our classroom you will find a happy learning environment where all children are actively engaged in a creative and stimulating curriculum built upon the strong foundation our Catholic faith.

In Year 4 children are growing and learning more each day. We strive to develop our learning skills and deepen our understanding of the world around us.

Our Catholic faith is very important to us. After receiving our First Eucharist in Year 3 we continue to receive the Eucharist with reverence and  presenting a loving example to our younger friends in the school.


Spring 2020:


Spring 1 - Resourceful Reservoirs

This half term Year 4 are learning all about the Reservoirs. We will learn about what a reservoir is, why they are used and in particular how Bartley Green reservoir has helped the local area.

 We will also read Arthur Jones and the Genie of the Tap to explain how and where Birmingham’s water comes from.


Autumn 2019:


Autumn 2 - Epic Egyptians

During Autumn Year 4 have learned all about the ‘Epic Egyptians’. We have learned all about the importance of the River Nile and the wonders of the pyramids. We have also looked at the life of the famous pharaoh Tutankhamun during our guided reading sessions.


We turned ourselves into mummies!

Here is some tasty treats that have been shaped into a pyramid!



Autumn 1 - Rainforest Rumble


This term Year 4 are learning all about rainforests in our ‘Rainforest Rumble’ topic. We will be learning all about where rainforests are in the world, the layers or the rainforests and the animals that live there. We will also be looking at the effects of humans and how they have changed rainforests over time 




Revolting Romans!


This term Year 4 are learning all about the ‘Revolting Romans’. We are learning all about how the Roman Army helped expand the Roman Empire including the invasion of Britain. We will also learn about how Romans have helped us through the building of roads and introducing better hygiene through the Roman Baths.


To start off our topic we created Roman Mosaics to replicate the designs that might’ve been seen in a Roman Bath.

Look at these beautiful shields that have been created for homework!


Marvellous Machines


Please click on the link below to see this term's study plans

Spring Term 1 Study Plan

Spring Term 1 Skill Plan


This term Year 4 are learning all about ‘Marvellous Machines’. We will be learning all about different machines and how these inventions have changed the world. We will also be exploring machinery in the local area focusing of the Land Rover Factory in Longbridge.

We are reading, 'Iron Man' by Ted Hughes:


Autumn: Rainforest Rumble

Miss Bick has had some super homework that clearly evidences the engagement of the children in the topic.


Twycross Zoo Visit

The children had a 'Fabulous Finish' to the end of their topic by visiting 'Twycross Zoo'.



 We have worked with Mr Ingram to present our topic on the computer. We have been learning how to add hyperlinks and sound to our presentations.