St Peters Catholic Primary School

St Peters Catholic Primary School

Welcome to Year 1


Miss Flanagan welcomes all the Year 1 children to her classroom and looks forward to an exciting year ahead.

In Year 1 we continue our exciting learning journey building upon our Reception Class experiences.

In the Autumn term we make every effort for a smooth transition from EYFS. We gradually progress from play -based learning to more a conventional learning style which allows us to work through the Year 1 curriculum effectively.

During Year 1 we try to follow Jesus' example as much as possible, and this is reinforced through all our lessons. We know that it is important to always try our best and work hard. We realise that we must be respectful to others and realise that our actions have consequences.


Spring 2019

Arctic Adventures

 Please click on the link below to see this term's study plans

Spring Term 1 Study Plan

Spring Term 1 Skill Plan

In Year 1 our Spring topic is Arctic Adventures and we have been learning about animals who are from such cold places, Inuits who live there and different explorers who have travelled there.

In Literacy we have read Big Bear Little Brother focusing on our retrieving and inference skills to predict what happens in the story from looking at the front cover.

We are currently reading Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. We have created lost posters for the penguin and retold the story in our own words using a story board.



In Science we have looked at how animals and how they hibernate, migrate or adapt in the Winter to live in their homes. He learnt that arctic foxes adapt the colour of their fur depending on the climate.

Our role play area has been turned into an igloo so we can imagine what it would be like in harsh conditions.





Autumn 2018-19